Peter & the Wolf/ Dragon Gate


Coming this Spring, Richmond Academy of Ballet will present  "Peter & the Wolf"  and "Dragon Gate"

Dates coming soon....


Sergei Prokofiev wrote the story and composed the music for Peter and the Wolf in 1936.  It was written in two weeks for a children's theatre in Moscow.  He wrote the music as a child's introduction to the orchestra with each character being represented by an instrument or group of instruments.  Peter and the Wolf was an immediate success and continues to be enjoyed today by children all over the world. 


Also in our Spring Show will be an original ballet called "Dragon Gate"


This ballet will be inspired by the Asian Mythological story of a koi fish who turns into a dragon.   As a reward for its strength and determination, the gods turned the lone koi into a golden dragon.  This legend is know as "The Dragon Gate", and best explains why koi have become symbolic of perserevance through adversity.