Children's Programs







At Richmond Academy of Ballet, we have four main programs offering classes for all ages and experience levels.  


First Steps Program

ages 2.5-6  

Children in the First Steps program are given a joyful introduction to the world of dance.


Through gentle exercises and imaginative movement, students are taught spatial awareness, rhythm, balance, and coordination.


The beginnings of ballet terminology are taught, and the great ballets are introduced to children as they dance their way into the stories.


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Beginning Dance Program

ages 7-12

At 7 years old, children are ready for a more focused and challenging class. They spend more time at the barre, and proper technique is insisted upon.  


Towards the end of this program, work in the center becomes more extensive, and students are ready to begin studying pointe or men’s steps.

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Intermediate Dance Program


ages 11-16

Intermediate dancers are at an exciting time of their studies. Girls have begun pointe and boys are learning the bigger men’s steps they’ll be practicing for the rest of their dancing lives.


This is also the time when decisions are made about either studying more intensely or practicing dance as a hobby - a very personal choice. We have classes for every level of commitment. Students are welcome to study anywhere from 1-22 hours of class per week.

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Advanced Dance Program 

13 years and up  


At the advanced stage, our students’ bodies and minds have been prepared for hard work.  They have learned to relish that work and the joy that it brings them.


Holding an honored position within RAB, they are the pillars of the academy and are expected to lead by example, supporting our culture of inclusivity and excellence.

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