Adult Dance Program


The Richmond Academy of Ballet offers classes for all adults with any level of experience.  Whether you’re interested in rekindling old passions or finding a new one, our classes meet you where you are, and have a plan to move you forward.


We give a fun blend of exercises - some have been practiced by ballet dancers for close to a century, while other are inspired by the latest discoveries in anatomy and kinesiology.  After just a few classes, students can expect to feel more energy, a more integrated muscular system, increased flexibility, and noticeably better balance.

Ballet is not just another form of exercise, though.  Immersing oneself in this art is deeply restorative.  Shaping the body into balletic forms and moving to beautiful music replenishes the senses.  Afterwards, you may find yourself noticing subtleties in daily life that before would have past by unnoticed. 

A great way to deepen your participation at RAB is to participate in our performances.  Adults who are interested are welcome to participate in our “Nutcracker.”  Those who would like to perform more are encouraged to talk to us about further opportunites.

Our Beginning Adult Ballet Class will be held every Tuesday, from 6:45pm-8:00pm, starting April13th!  Intermediate and Advanced Ballet are coming soon!  Adult classes can be payed for one at a time, or by purchasing a class card*.  Please see our rates below:


This summer June 21-July 30, we are offering a 6 week Adult Tap Class on Monday evenings from 7:15-8:15pm.  We ask that you purchase a 6 class card for $90.


Space is limited. Please email us or call us at 804-601-3024 to reserve your spot!

Single class: $20
4 class card: $60
6 class card: $90
10 class card: $140
12 class card: $168
16 class card: $200

Contact us to purchase a card!


* Professional dancers and dance instructors are invited to take class free of charge with proof of employment.  Please contact us to reserve a spot.